Three decades on the bike. A lifetime of freedom

Brian Capper
rocks onto his back wheel and down, reminding himself that he’s still in
control. A rush of adrenalin floods through his body, filling his muscles with
purpose. He launches into the kick, and his bike surges up the Moses Mabhida
Stadium Arch. Backed by three decades of stunt-biking experience, Capper ascends
the 550 arduous steps to the 105-metre-high peak of the arch. His prize for
taunting gravity? A glorious moment at the top of Durban.

But the
accomplished feat means more than a beautiful view – it’s emblematic of a life dedicated
to defying the odds. Capper began his relationship with motorbikes when he was
just 9 years old. His dreams were as big as only a child’s can be: Why
shouldn’t he make a career out of motorsport? At first others found amusement
in young Capper’s wishful thinking, but as he grew older their responses
hardened from jovial to cynical, and then condescending. Never mind – Capper chose
to be the master of his own destiny despite the critics, refusing to allow them
any foothold in his life. His zeal bore fruit.

Today he is South
Africa’s Most Diverse Rider. He has claimed 10 South African Championships in
Supermoto and Trial Biking, as well as a coveted Roof of Africa win and
multiple top 10 finishes. Now 38, Capper continues to challenge himself in the
sport he loves. With trial or stunt biking now a staple in his professional
duties, he finds renewed excitement tackling mega-stunts like his Moses Mabhida
summit. The critics have been quieted. Capper maintained his childish optimism
– and flourished. Cynics don’t go down in history, except as antagonists highlighting
the brilliance of those who force their dreams down from the heavens and into

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of the footage in this film was used courtesy of the
Red Bull Content Pool