World Naked Bike Ride cyclists bare all on city streets to highlight vulnerable riders on roads

Hundreds of cyclists stripped off their clothes to pedal through Cambridge city centre for this year’s World Naked Bike Ride.

Around 300 riders, dozens of whom were completely nude, took part in the third annual outing in the city by cycling the eight-mile route, Cambridge News reports.

The annual protest is held across Britain and aims to highlight the vulnerability of cyclists in built up areas, as well as issues of pollution caused by motorised transport.

Mike and Wendy Clarke organised the naked bike ride for the second year in a row.

The ride took place in Cambridge on Saturday

When asked what motivated the pair to take on the event, Mike said: “We are both keen cyclists, and both naturists.

“A very, very small minority don’t like us. A quarter get all giggly and silly about seeing a naked body because they never see one.

Full nudity was optional

“Some people, usually men, see a tit and go ‘Woah!’, but most people don’t care.

“That very small minority think their kids shouldn’t see naked bodies. These people don’t want their kids to see naked bodies, but they are happily walking them down the road when the air is full of pollution. What is that about?”

The event is held to highlight the vulnerability of cyclists

There were noticeably more men than women taking part in Saturday’s event.

A nude male cyclist responded to the observation, saying: “That’s very common in naturist communities.

“I think it’s because women are more conscious of their bodies.”

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Full nudity was optional.