You, Menopause, and a Great Fitting Bra

A BRA…OMG…why did I wait so long to bring this up. When it is uber im-por-ta-te. Honey, you and I know that we can’t go out and buy a shelf bra; for one, the fit of the size XL fits a size 9 junior, and the shelf bra is not an actual measurement. It also has zippo for support. That stretchy, no support bra is only something that we strap across our chest, and everything falls out below the bra, very important things!

Let’s start with an everyday bra, and then move into sports bras. They are the same, but different.

Yes, this is an investment piece, but its something you have to wear everyday. I am even getting to the point of putting one on, under my jammies, in the morning, so nothing falls into my cereal. (Plus my son really doesn’t want to see all that.)

You need a professional fitting at a department store, or an undergarments specialty shop. You can’t just grab one off the rack at an average chain store, throw it in your cart, and hope it will fit later. You have to try on the bra, and check for fit. You need to look for wicked support, and check to see if all of you is in there. You can’t just buy a bra, if you think it is close to fitting. Also, if you are still wearing the same style for the last 30 years, and it is really, really comfortable, we can all tell, because it’s not doing a thing for your girls. They are “in your cereal.” Bras only last about 6 months, or 30 washings, max. Then they are tired, and worn out, as they should be, this is serious work, they are doing.

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I can almost guarantee that what you are wearing is the wrong size, and yes, the cup size for sure, will probably be 2-3 times bigger than you think. Well…look what all has to go into that bra with your girls. The stuff under your arm pit, some of the under your arm stuff, and, do we really have to go there, back fat, baby. Gravity has NOT been our friends, especially for 40 some years. There are actually ladies out there that are professional undergarment fitters. And these foundation experts are amazing at what they do. I thought I was a 34C. I was a 40 DD. Lets lock and load, ladies. The best part of all, when you buy a new bra, is, it will make you look like you just automatically lost 10-15 lbs.!! Yea, Seriously.

I have tried a lot of sports bras. I have picked them up at an average discount store, as well as athletic stores. I have also found sports bras in catalogs that cater to active women. I order one, try it on, see if it had enough support, ship it back and exchange it for another one. Try that one on,etc. I look for the ones with 5 or 6 barbell ratings for serious support and no bounce. You need to find a company that is really dedicated to the women athlete…i.e.; YOU and US!! It’s hard to find a sports bra that is supportive, but gives you the stretch and give, to move, but not bounce. If the bra is not tight under the girls, it can’t lift and support. And once again, the shelf bra is really not your friend.

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As for care for your bras, I have heard many things. One is to not wear the same bra, 2 days in a row, so it has time to “recover” between uses. That might be the case, because it has a demanding job including heavy lifting. Yes, I know you are suppose to hand wash your bras. But seriously, that might not happen for weeks, and I need to have them available sooner then that. So I use those little mesh bra bags, that you then throw in the washer. Use a gentle cycle, and your bra gets clean, but not bent out of shape from the agitation. Air dry them please, dryers are tough on the elastics.

Your bra really is a very hard working friend. It has to be there with you, and for you, all day long. Spend some time and money on this important foundation piece. Treat it with care, especially when washing it. As for a comfortable, supportive bra, on my list of must haves, I put it right up there with the night moisturizer and lipstick.